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Science or Hype?

Navigating the Questions About Titanium Dioxide Safety

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What is the concern around titanium dioxide (TiO2)?

In Europe, questions have arisen about the use of nanoparticle titanium dioxide (TiO2) which has led to concern regarding TiO2 as an ingredient in foods, additives, and — by extension — as a color in film coating formulations for vitamin and dietary supplements, and potentially, pharmaceutical products.

In this webcast, experts discuss the current status and assess the potential market impact for the pharmaceutical industry. The discussion will review the current legal situation and the position of the different regulatory bodies. Participants will learn about the science-based facts influencing the industry response and gain insight into the possible implications on the use of TiO2 in pharmaceutical products, as well as food supplements.

This webcast provides attendees with a clear understanding of the situation relating to the use of TiO2, based on facts and science.