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Patient Adherence:

A Hard Pill to Swallow?

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Every missed dose means non-compliance, and non-repeated (non-refilled) prescriptions equate to lost revenue for pharmaceutical manufacturers and avoidable costs for healthcare systems.

In this webcast, we will unmask influences that contribute to patient non-adherence and the factors that impact how people feel about the swallowability of tablets. Through research, conducted and presented by The University of Birmingham in the UK, we will share the overall impact on the patient perception of film coating combinations for tablets. Easier to swallow coated tablets improve consumer experience and contribute to patient adherence.

Key learning objectives:

  • Understand the impact that patient non-adherence to prescription regimens has on pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Learn about the factors that drive non-adherence, particularly in elderly populations
  • Discover how mouthfeel and a slippery finish contribute to consumer acceptability
  • Learn how innovative tablet coatings can improve swallowability and provide a positive patient experience